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BonePen Drill Implant Guide Kit

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The BonePen Guide Drills and GUIDE Pins are available in five (5) diameters and are shipped non-sterile.

The complete kit comes with: 5 drills, 5 guide pins and a tray block/cover

Steam sterilize the drills and it's components for twenty (20) minutes at 132C / 270F minimum.
*For cleaning and sterilization, note that the chamber needs to be unscrewed, exposing the drill and spring. 

Guide Pins are to be used on a routine asis and should be replaced when observed to be worn or damaged. 
Drills may be used for up to thirty (30) preparations, depneding on bone density. 

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The BonePen Guide Drills and related instruments must only be used by dentists and surgeons with training and experience as dental professionals. HuberMed or its partners, collectively as the manufacturer, the importer, and the distributor are not liable for damages resulting from treatment outside of our control. The responsibility rests with the provider. The instruments that make up the BonePen Guide Drills and Guide Pins are susceptible to damage and wear and should be inspected before use. If inspection reveals signs of wear, damage, or unrecognizable color or label identification, replace the instruments(s) accordingly.


**Not available in all countries**

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