A myriad of reasons exist for the removal of an osseointegrated implant. Infection, bone loss and esthetic challenges are just a few. Traditional approaches to explantation typically require the removal of significant amounts of bone, leaving the site unsuitable for immediate replacement. The FR kit distributed by HuberMed has exceeded my expectations and is a “must have” instrument of choice” when removing implants! It preserves all of the bone that surrounds the explanted implant, making replacement of the removed implant a much less involved procedure.

Harold S. Baumgarten, DMD
Amsterdam Dental Group, Philadelphia, PA
Clinical Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Periodontics

As a Periodontist for almost 30 years, the choice on the quality of our instrumentation is of utmost importance. I have recently tried a new Castro needle holder by LASCHAL. The lightness and comfort of this instrument is impressive. This needle driver is to suturing what Carbon Fiber is to cycling. A game changer.

Dr. Louis Drouin
Paro Implanto Pointe-Claire, Quebec

As a prosthodontist, I am always looking for improvements in the way I deliver care. I listen to my patients’ wants and assess my methods and materials, in an attempt to always improve the final result. Until recently Locator treatment was my choice for overdenture stand-alone abutment however I have started to include the Kerator overdenture system as it has innovative improvements that have earned my confidence. Improved design of the Octa dual undercut metal housing; alternative reduced retention caps (patients have an easier removal/insertion experience) as well as the economic advantages combine themselves to enhance my overall patient satisfaction in the practice.

Dr Izchak Barzilay DDS, Cert Prostho., MS, FRCD(C)
Toronto, Canada

Your Fixture Removal Kit has immediately made a significant difference in my practice. I used to cringe when an implant had to be removed in my office. Though it only happens a few times a year, it was enough to make me dread the appointment. The process of using a trephine to remove an integrated implant is barbaric and leaves such a defect that extensive grafting has to be done to repair what little ridge is left after the procedure. There were frequently anatomical concerns that could make the appointment downright dangerous. I just removed two divergent, infected implants and the process was a snap. I was able to easily back out the implants, disinfect the sites and perform the grafting right then. No more sweating and blasting bone away now that I have your removal kit. It was simple and exactly as advertised. Thank you guys for providing a great product.

Jackson Bean, DDS
Greenville, Texas

Placing implants to meet patients’ needs is very rewarding. Removing them, however, is another story. I recently had to remove 2 integrated  13 mm implants in the maxillary central region that had been placed too far buccal with significant gingival recession and aesthetic disfigurement of the smile. As a periodontist, I’ve always found it to be a dilemma between knowing what a drill, trephine and elevator can cause to contribute to further bone loss, especially in the aesthetic zone. The end result is too often the creation of a severe ridge defect that presents a surgical challenge to reconstruct. I was looking for a better way to remove those fixtures and was introduced to the Neobiotech FR Fixture removal kit. Well I must say that the FR Fixture remover kit is without a doubt a better way to preserve the surrounding bone and avoid fracturing the host implant site after removal. I achieved superior results, prevented the need for invasive surgical bone grafting technique and am extremely happy with the end result. I strongly recommend the kit and implant removal technique, it works!

Dr Mathieu Beaudoin, D.M.D, MSc. Paro, F.R.C.D.(c)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dear Rudy: I used the SCA indirect sinus elevation kit and had excellent success. The depth control was very easy to use and worked great. Very nice.

Dr Mike Block

I am a conservative clinician with 23 years of experience and my referral practice is entirely based on my reputation of achieving a highly predictable and long-term successful outcome. I am continually challenging my existing paradigms and asking myself: “Is there a better way”?

I have been using the SCA sinus elevation kit for over three years now and these instruments have truly transformed my practice by providing me the opportunity to perform this previously technique-sensitive and complication-prone procedure in a minimally invasive and predictable fashion.

Farhad E. Boltchi, D.M.D., M.S.
Arlington, Texas
Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology Fellow, International Team for Implantology (ITI)

Removing osseointegrated implants has never been a procedure I look forward to in my practice. The procedure itself has always been traumatic and time-consuming with the end result using the traditional instrumentation such as trephines, burs, piezoelectric devices, and forceps being a deficient osseous ridge.

I have been using the FRKIT for over two years now and this kit works like a charm. What a relief to finally be able to remove osseointegrated implants predictably with a very minimally invasive approach thereby maintaining all the available bone. This is truly a clinical pearl.

Farhad E. Boltchi, D.M.D., M.S.
Arlington, Texas
Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology Fellow, International Team for Implantology (ITI)

I have used the SCA kit for the last 2 years and after over 50 sinus lifts I can only express my total satisfaction as to the efficiency of these instruments. The SCA kit has enabled my practice to increase the number of patient scheduling. Patient satisfaction has greatly increased compared to my previous technique.

Katy Chahine D.D.S., MS, Cert Perio, FRCD (C), DIP (ABP)

The "Neobiotech FR Kit" designed to remove implants and commercialized by HuberMed is an essential tool. This kit is efficient, easy to use and predictable. I had 7 implants to remove, and the procedure was fast and effective. The explanted sites stayed healthy and without macroscopic bone damage. (Translated from French)

Francis Croteau DMD, FRCD(C), M.Sc
Amos, QC

Complications of sinus lifts may occur such as membrane perforations however since I‘ve been using the unique side cutting burs with stoppers and limited shoulder heights I simply gain a higher degree of control. Both the SCA Crestal and SLA Lateral approach instrumentation have significantly complimented my years of experience. As a side note, our local Radiology imaging provider took the time call me to discuss a bi-lateral lift that I completed using the SLA given that they were so impressed with our results, not too often I get those calls.......

Dr Kurt Doolin D.D.S.
Rochester, MI

The first time I used the SCA Sinus Crestal application kit I was impressed with how quick and easy it made the procedure compared to my standard protocol with osteotomes. I now have completed over 15 surgeries with this "most complete set of instruments" and using the SCA kit has afforded me the benefits of completing the procedure in a fraction of the time, significantly reduced risk of perforation and my patients find it more comfortable (no hammering) By using the gradual drill stoppers incrementally I find that there is less stress and worry for possible membrane perforation and loosing graft containment. Over the past 20 years I’ve used the Osteotome technique and today I can say that my SCA kit has earned a place on our delivery tray for all our Sinus Crestal grafts. In addition, most recently I have added and used the SLA Sinus Lateral window application. Being a long time user of a Piezo unit, The SLA kit offers me a predictable alternative to the Piezo. In addition, with a short learning curve, the procedure time is decreased significantly. And once again I am impressed with the increased versatility that the instrumentation affords me to the benefit of my patients.

Louis Drouin, DDS, Dip Perio
Pt. Claire, Quebec

Dear Rudy:

I had to write to you about my initial experiences with your FRKIT.

Over my many years (too many to count) of implantology I have searched for an easy way to remove problematic implants. Everyone knows that one of the postulates of implantology is "The worse the implant position, the better the osseointegration".

I have utilized high speed burs, trephines and piezosurgery to remove implants referred to me with problems. Each approach, while an incremental improvement over its predecessor, left much to be desired.

Then came your FRKIT.

The ease of use; the atraumatic manner of implant removal; and the ability to place a new implant the same day are unmatched in the industry.

The FRKIT has immediately become an integral and indispensable part of my armamentarium.

Both my patients and I thank you.

Dr Paul Fugazzotto

My practice focuses on implant assisted dental rehabilitation and aesthetics. I have been in practice for over 20 years and I thought I knew every trick in the book when it comes to retrieving fractured prosthetic screws, until recently. I was stymied by 3 fractured screws and was not having any success in removing them. My last option was to trephine the implants out until I discovered the Neobiotech Screw Removal Kit SR.

Skeptical at first, I spoke to the customer service folks at Hubermed who promote the kit in Canada and ordered one. The removal tools worked like a charm. Three fractured screws removed in less than 90 minutes, (Including photos & fiddling time).

My patient was better served and I was delighted with the positive outcome.

Dr Dwayne Karateew, DDS Cert Perio, Cert Fixed Prosth
Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontics, & Prosthodontics
Vancouver, Canada

The fixture-removal kit allows me to remove integrated implants without the need to trephine or remove unnecessary bone. The kit is predictable, easy to use and quickly backs out implants. We are being referred more implant complications and this kit allows us to treat the problem predictably and with minimal patient morbidity.

Dr Jaffer Kermalli, BSc DDS MSc (Perio) FRCD(C) Dip. ABP

I have never had the need nor ever wanted to remove a 10 year integrated implant. After 5 or 6 surgeries my wife was still having a gnawing pain that was changing her life to total misery. She had an implant placed over 10 years ago just anterior to the mental foramen and nobody would attempt the removal.Due to all the possible problems that could follow...

Great.What was I to do?

By chance I found the Neo Fixture Remover Kit… The Team at HuberMed were very helpful and provided factoids on how to use the FRKIT via a call. The implant was removed in less than 10 minutes without removing or touching any bone! More importantly no trauma, everyone thought the impossibility of my endeavors however success speaks volumes...I would recommend this kit to anyone...

Harold Kinsky, DDS
Chicago Illinois

In the 20th century, the most innovative breakthrough in modern dentistry was the discovery of Osseointegration and the invention of the Osseointegrated implant by Professor Per-Ingvar BRANEMARK. The clinical utilization of the FRKIT Fixture Remover Kit by Dr. Young- Ku HEO is what I consider to be the best apparatus in implant dentistry in the 21st century.

Branemark Osseointegration Center, Tokyo

The Neo Fixture Removal Kit has transformed the time consuming and bone destructive process of implant removal into a simple 15 minute visit. This kit has become the "gold-standard" for implant removal in our practice.

William C Martin, DMD, MS
Diplomate American Board of Prosthodontists
Director, Center for Implant Dentistry
Associate Professor, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Gainsville, FL, USA

In the past, I have completed thousands of successful crestal sinus graft procedures using the classic "malleting osteotome technique" and today I prefer to use the SCA Crestal kit (the internal lift kit).

I am able to provide my patients, "greater comfort" with this controlled, predictable procedure. My results are excellent and far less traumatic for my patients.

The SCA kit is a major improvement "silent game changer" over the classic osteotome technique. A serious "must have" for all of us doing implants.

I have no commercial interest in this product.

Alan M Meltzer DMD, MScD
Alan M Meltzer P.A. and Associates, Voorhees, NJ, USA
Academy of Periodontology • American Academy of Osseointegration • Worlwide Lecturer • Clinical Professor • University of Pennsylvania

I recently had the opportunity to do several 6 month follow ups with my patients who had received the SCA crestal technique and instrumentation protocol. In summary, amazing results for immediate implant placement and grafting, virtually no bone loss, gorgeous domes instead of dunce caps and without associated membrane perforation. Over 80 percent of my pre-molar and molar implants need a small lift and now with the SCA crestal technique I can achieve apical coverage with consistent bone predictability. Simply a “must have” for all of us doing sinus lifts.

Matthew F. Pagnotto, DDS
Diplomate, American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Tri-State Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Hebron, Kentucky

In implantology, atraumatically extracting broken teeth has always been a great challenge since protection of existing bone is of primordial importance.

This problem has created the emergence of many expensive gadgets that have not always proven very reliable. I have been using Dr Misch's Power Elevators for many years. These instruments are fast, simple to use, very safe and predictable to protect the existing bone.

I strongly recommend them for most of your surgical extractions. They represent a "Power leap" in extraction technology.

Dr Normand Roy, DDS
Faculty at the Canadian Misch Institute and the Institut canadien d'implantologie
30 years of experience in dental implants

I am a big fan of the Neobiotech Lateral and Crestal Sinus Kits. They perform extremely well and help make Sinus Augmentation a very efficient and predictable procedure.

For autologous bone chip harvesting, they've impressed me with their new ACM and I simply love its ease of use.

For GBR, I am equally impressed with their Titanium mesh pre-formed membrane series that is working out to better manage bony defects, maintain space for regeneration and help achieve vertical augmentation. They are certainly innovative and a company to watch!"

Dr Maurice Salama
Implantologist, Periodontist, Orthodontist, Educator and Scientific Chairman of www.dentalxp.com
Atlanta, GA

Neobiotech instrument kits such as implant FR and SR screw removal kits, I-Brush, SCA, SLA sinus lift related instruments, GBR kit and titanium mesh are all very practical and easy to use. These innovative and well thought of products not only make daily clinician life easier but also make clinical outcomes predictable.

Hom-Lay Wang DDS, PhD
Professor and Director of Graduate Periodontics at the University of Michigan, School of Dentistry

I have used the implant removal kit several times. It's fantastic!!.

Dr Eric C. Weiss
Periodontics & Dental Implants, Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology, Fellow, International Team for Implantology, Livingston, NJ.

I personally know the owners at HuberMed so when they approached me to review their sinus grafting kits and various problem solvers I was confident that my time with them was going to be a positive and valuable meeting. They didn’t disappoint me, so it’s my pleasure to recommend them…… actually I have all their instrumentation Kits and remain very pleased with my improved and time saving techniques and results that have translated into greater predictable treatments for my patients and their comfort.

Christopher J. Wojcicki, DDS MSc FRCD(c)
Burlington, Ontario

I have been using Maxxeus Allograft and have found their offerings to be both clinically effective for my bone grafting demands as well as their service, quick shipping and prices are all very attractive.

Christopher J. Wojcicki, DDS MSc FRCD(c)
Burlington, Ontario

I purchased your Fixture Removal Kit at the American Academy of Periodontology meeting this past year. I usually find a new toy to try out at the annual meeting. Your Fixture Removal Kit is the best find I have come across in my almost 15 years of such meetings! It has worked well in every case I have tried, including removing large implants with a very significant amount of bone contact remaining. It has greatly simplified the process of removing integrated implants, reduced the bone grafting required compared to when I have removed implants with a trephine or burs and resulted in improved the final esthetic results. I highly recommend it.

Dr Colin Wiebe
Periodontist Calgary, AB, Canada

The Cti-membranes have most definitely provided me with a better alternative to the classical Ti Mesh and obviate the need to trim Ti due to its many pre-formed shapes. For GBR I really enjoy their handling and how they stay in place without tacks using either the implant cover screw or healing abutment . Removing them after 4 months was a breeze using a micro incision with excellent bone re-modelling. Excellent products!

Christopher J. Wojcicki, DDS MSc FRCD(c)
Burlington, Ontario

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